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American Idol Season 11: A Silly Popular Contest

Jessica Sanchez vs Philip Philips, how intriguing….

Jessica Sanchez, an American Filipina from San Diego, California lost to the American hometown hero Philips Philip this Wednesday night on May 23, 2012.

What happened? Sure, Mr. Philips is great, I respect him and all and I think he’d be a very good singer in the music industry some day… but winning? Ms. Sanchez , on the other hand, is a Broadway gem, and when you compare her with Philip by means of talent… Jessica wins by landslide.

I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised. American Idol is a popularity contest after all. I mean, people get to vote, right? And when Jessica and Joshua Ledet (another superb black singer who at least had Jessica’s standards) had come down to bottom three a few episodes back, I was already having doubts on the show’s credibility and America’s ( let alone the whole world to be fair) sanity.

Credibility of the show, because the audience are supposed to listen to the judges and that critic guy who mistakes Jennifer Lopez as ‘Jessica’. Not that I’m saying that they’ve said anything much on who’d really win, I mean they did, but they had said it for the benefit of both contestants.

Anyways, what the hell? Opinion of different people varies. So I guess I shouldn’t interfere.

All that I’m saying is, personally, American Idol is a talent show no longer(if it ever was, no offense). American Idol is merely a popular contest.

How about you? Who do you think really should’ve won? 


Why practical jokes should be illegal….



Actually, I think this is true. If not, that must be one hell of a great acting.

Blog Update

You guys may be wondering why all the dates are the same. Well, it’s only for now ‘coz I had just finally categorized my blog if you can notice. I did this by means of copying and deleting of posts. I didn’t realize that I could simply re-select the category I want a post to be in. I know! Dumb!

Anyway, I’ve unwantedly deleted some of my fave comments in the process. Sorry. So I plan to put them back on. I could still remember most of them.

Also, I’ve finally added more pages! Hope you like ’em! If not, I still respect that. Really. 🙂

An yeah! The videos that were unavailable were replaced with once that are otherwise. You can check them out too. Have Fun!



I don’t want to end up like these two, ennit?


Anyways I’m NOT organized. I’m just too lazy to look for things!

Although they say:


Nevermind!!!! 😀

The Girl who DIED

A girl from the Philippines named Given Grace Cebanico died just last week. Tuesday I think. Her body was found in a canal, with her panty in her mouth, a bullet on her head, and screwdriver stabs on her stomach.

She’s a college honor student studying computer science, Jesus-freak, Born Again, a sweet pretty  16-looking 19 year old mary sue child.

And they killed her.

Raped and killed.

I don’t wanna talk about it.



Wanna know more? Here’s a news article. I feel too awful to write this much myself, and since no one is forcing me, I didn’t. Much. :