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Fanfictions are fictional stories derived from other stories from movies,books, etc., for the fans’ own entertainment on the way they would’ve wanted things to be.


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Not Another Silly Bree Tanner Fanfiction!!! (One-shot)

An individual from the future thinks of Bree and what could have been.

If Bree only went with Fred, she would have never died. If she only escaped with Diego back then, she could have been saved. If she only knew…

But now, it was too late. There were many possibilities that she could have a nice life. Everyone else kept saying so. She’s the name that comes from everyone’s mouth now and then when they talk of the past. Our history. My history. But it was history. It’s too late. Or is it?

I’ve died a hundred times before, both physically and emotionally. I know how it feels like. But unlike her, I was lucky. Fate kept giving me second chances. But I guess that’s not the only reason. I was indestructible. I’m considered to be ahead of my contemporaries by my kind. Some say, I’m even the beginning of another species altogether. I know. It sounds hard core. But it’s still true.

Is it my fault that it’s too late to save her now? They say that it’s never too late, but what the hell does that even mean? It’s just a load of crap. But even so, call me foolish, but I guess I do believe it. The 

only problem is the restrictions. Right and good are often blurred by rules and emotions. It’s like the horizon between the blue sea and sky. The intense heat you feel from the sun could drug your mind and vision, and suddenly you won’t see the difference the other has on the other. Suddenly you only see one blue with absolutely no line separating anything.

That’s exactly what I feel about this matter. I want to help, but it is forbidden. But hell! Why not? My family has been living with its reputation of forbidden-ness forever. A little won’t hurt I hope.

Augh! I still can’t! What if altering the past by myself would change everything as well in the future? Altough I hate to admit it, but I’m no Lizzie. I may be very, very,  very  strong and powerful and confident, but I don’t know everything.

I’m done with this messed up thinking. I’m usually an ignorant person. So why do I care? I’m quite certain it’s not because of my secretly beloved Annie giving me the constant look of disgust for killing her boyfriend. Or Lizzie’s hysterical annoying scolding and threats for being naughty I always ignore, although I know she’s probably right most of the time anyway. Or Chase’s sympathy. Yes, I can see it in his eyes every time. I can see it in everyone’s. Or the fact that I knew that these same people were the ones who abandoned me. For an unknown good cause they say. Right. Am I that unimportant?

No, of course not, don’t even go there. It’s not because of any of these things at all.

I know it’s short and my OC’s talking, so it kind of sucks in its own way. Other OCs are also mentioned. I hope you don’t mind. This entry is more of thoughts and not much going on. I also made it unclear with details blurred to get your brains into imagining instead. I don’t know if I’ll continue, I am fond of random one-shots after all.  Anyway, I hoped you enjoyed loving or loathing this post! And comment if you wanna.



Bree Tanner– the last newborn who died in Twilight Saga’s Eclipse

OCOriginal Character