3 REALLY Simple Things that could Catch my HEART <3

There are fine ways to impress me. And wipe that frown off my face…..

…not that I’m expecting the secret love of my life to sweep me off my feet after posting this…

Anyways, here they are:

1. A Flower. There’s nothing a girl would love than her man offering her a flower. How romantic! ❤

I prefer the best of them all: The RED ROSE


2. Chocolate! I love chocolate! I don’t care if I go fat because of them!!! One of my faves are M&M’s! Especially the milk chocolate ones! Cheaper too! Hey, I could be simple! 😀



3. Song. Alright, so not all guys can sing. I, for one, can’t. But it goes a long way if you try your best. Even if you weren’t that good, I’ll still give you a chance as long as you’re serenading for me. 🙂

My fave song? Damian McGinty’s Take Care of Yourself from Glee:


I LOVE YOU, DAMIAN!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


Give me all of these in the correct charming way, and you’ll soon find me in this state:


About marysueloser

I'm just an average chick who's just trying to get out and have real fun in this freak disastrous life. And if you ask my opinion about mary sues or losers, I'd say they don't hold much of difference at all. People hate mary sues because of their 'perfection'. And they also hate losers because they're 'imperfect'. Aren't we all both at the same time? How awful. The worst would be called a marysue-loser.

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